Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Envirosax Challenge

I was just reading the latest issue of "O" Magazine and I learned that San Francisco plans to ban plastic bags at grocery stores this fall. I started thinking about how at grocery stores in Europe you bring your own sack to fill with groceries. I always thought this was a a good idea. I have my Whole Foods bags that I use when I shop there but I forget to carry them with me. How silly of me to feel like I could ONLY use the grocery sack at Whole Foods. I could easily carry it with me to another store and fill with various sundries. The magazine went on to tell me about a great website for conscious shoppers that featured Envirosax. They have various vibrantly coloured tote bags that can hold to bags of groceries in one colorful sack. They are very strong, water proof and washable so they can be used over and over again. I decided that I was going to purchase a couple bags and take a vow to carry groceries in these bags only as much as possible.
I would like to challenge anyone that reads this blog post to do the same. Please visit and purchase yourself some colorful bags. Then, please, keep them in your car or in your purse (they fold up to the size of your fist) and use them anytime you go to the grocery store. It may seem like something small, but it can make a big difference!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The above link is to an article talking about WVU Footballs upcoming season....MAN it gets me excited!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

So I like to call myself a TV Guru because I watch so much of it. I claim that I watch this much because it's the business that I work in. But let's be honest: I just LOVE it!

So my addiction every summer is FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance."

I love this show because deep down I think I'm a great dancer (in all honesty, I can't dance AT ALL). I love to watch the dances and the people who get paired together. I've become such a fan of contemporary dance and of Mia Michaels as a choreographer. I believe she is so in tune to dance and I love watching her dances performed on stage.

Here are a few clips of some notable performances she had a hand it creating....

Mia Michaels "Calling You"