Friday, August 14, 2009

chocolate sandwich cookies

trying to drop pounds isn't easy. trying to do it without some no carb, nothing white, fad diet isn't any easier. i'm trying to drop the weight by eating healthy and working out. no wonder people turn to the magic pill or their favorite plastic surgeon.

but i will not. i am determined to do this the right way, make myself feel better and become healthier.

so in every attempt not to be healthy i decided to attempt these sandwich cookies.

they tasted better after having sat a day. i'm sure i missed an important step or didn't add enough butter but these are nice and chocolatey and salty and very similar to oreo's. i didn't have the right ingredients for the perfect filling so mine are filled with whipped cream. also a reason my husband, after eating 4 of them, decided he didn't like them. "every time I bite into them the filling oozes all over." and then he ate another one....

so the next time around these will be perfect! for now, they just look pretty.

check out the recipe at Joy The Baker. Hers look way better than mine!