Friday, October 31, 2008


As much arguing and controversy this election causes, none of it matters unless people vote. we might not all agree, but it shouldn't matter. make sure you vote on nov. 4 or vote early if your state allows. nothing is more important than making sure your voice is heard.

i'm voting because: i want my husband home quickly and safely, i want the education system fixed so no child is TRULY left behind, i don't like discrimination of any kind and that includes same sex couples, i want reform and most certainly change.

Hollywood Declares Themselves - Part 2

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

greatest invention....seriously

i'm not sure how we're managed to frame and hang pictures until this invention came along. now i don't actually own any of these frames yet but i'm going to purchase a bunch in various sizes so i can finally hang our wedding pictures. 5Second's new Slide & Store Frame ($17) takes the difficulty and distress out of hanging photographs.

The Slide & Store features an easy slide slot for quick display purposes (no matting required) and even has storage space on the back for ten more photos. Throw in a hideaway easel, which ensures the frame will self-straighten on your wall, and a hanging template, which shows you exactly where to nail, and you've got fool-proof photos.

Head to the website to get great tips on creating home photo galleries and get excited. I can't wait to decorate my walls!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

slow down and taste the sweet life

i just spent the weekend in savannah, ga. i had travelled down south for my aunt's bridal shower and completely fell in the love with the historic city. of course everything about the trip was wonderful, but i'll save the details for another post. i'd like to dedicate this post to cupcakes.

of course :)

i have read about this bakery before and heard about it from paula deen. my aunt has been craving these cupcakes since the preganancy so we were able to make a trip there for a cupcake breakfast. back in the day bakery is a nonchalant bakery that sits on the corner of bull street and 40th just after you past forsyth park.

the cupcakes were moist and the buttercream was sweet and buttery-just the way it should be. the coffee was basic and delicious. i've decided that the south has better coffee because every where i went the coffee was perfect.

everyone was digging into the old fashioned cupcake; however, i'm a sucker for anything lemon and decided to taste the lemon coconut. while the lemon was nice and mild in the cupcake the old fashion won me over with it's sweet sprinkles and little flower decoration.

i encourage you to stop by the corner bakery whenever you find yourself in savannah, ga.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cookies and Cream

my cupcake this week looked too delicious to pass up.

cookies & cream

They look amazing and feature crushed Oreo's in the cupcake as well as the icing. I fudged with the icing a little to make it taste more like cookies & cream ice cream and it turned out great. I was a little less satisfied with the cupcake itself. It's try and pretty bland. It wouldn't taste like much if it didn't have the crushed Oreo's through out. I think I'll back off on the cooking time next time. But they look great! They don't taste so bad.......

i've eaten 2 already :(