Monday, August 11, 2008

Tiny Spaces

I am amazed at hour curious our kittens are. They can find the strangest toys, the most absurd trash to get into, and the tiny spaces to hide in. I was working and heard some commotion in the family room. It was loud enough that I was concerned something had fallen on one of the kittens. When I went into the family room to look I found the kittens as you see in this picture. Emmit had decided that tiny space where the DVD's were was perfect for him; however, he'd have to knock the DVD's out to fit inside. How adorable.


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Jessie said...

That's pretty cute :) The kitten on top looks a little spazzed in the photo, though! Hee hee....
Mom's jack-russel dog is named Emmett, I thought it was pretty formal of a pet name - funny that you named one of your kittens the same!
They seem pretty cute, I wish I wasn't allergic.