Sunday, June 21, 2009

Early Independance Day

After spending another month away, my husband was supposed to be home for the rest of the summer. A necessary and long awaited break that we were counting on to spend some quality time together. As we've come to expect in the military, plans change. Now, after spending roughly a total of a month home in this present year of 2009, and just getting back this month, my husband will be sent out again come next week.

Seems a little depressing to know that in the past year and the beginning of this year, a total of 19 months, I've only spent 3.5 months with my husband. It doesn't seem quite fair that you dedicate your life to the country and it repays you by never allowing you to spend time with what means the most to you, your family.

While all of this may sound depressing; we are able to look positively on the situation. We know that one day this will all pay off and that there are only a few years left until we're finished. One day we'll look back on this time as just a small portion of our existence together. And hopefully we'll be able to laugh.

Until that day, we are in preparations for the next underway and to commemorate our countries birthday we decided to have a little BBQ this past weekend. Less on the commemorating and the more on the ingestion of libations as we were sorry for their impending underway this week. Nonetheless, I made some celebratory cupcakes.

Happy Birthday, America.

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