Friday, June 29, 2007

Wedding Dress Shopping

So I have been spending the last few months planning our wedding. I don't think I'm stressed. Actually I think I'm very prepared. Things seem to be coming together nicely. As long as I can find a dress I would feel like things are progressing. So I went last weekend with my best friend here, Amber, dress shopping. We went to David's Bridal. I picked Amber up at the metro and we stopped for lunch before. We were both craving Five Guy's burgers......makes my mouth water just thinking about it. So we each got the delicious burgers. I suppose greesy burgers are not the best food to eat right before you go dress shopping.

I suppose everything was catching up with me. I only got one dress on and took pictures before my stomach started bothering me. It felt as though the corset was too tight. Eventually the pain got so bad that I broke into a cold sweat and had to lay on the floor. I had to have the dress shop call and ambulance because the pain was so bad. I wound up getting carted out of the dress shop by the EMT' embarassing. I spend the rest of the dress shopping day in the emergency room while they poked me with needles and poked at my stomach.

The Dr.'s determined that I have a peptic ulcer. Who knows what caused the pain. It could be stress. My guess: it was that delicious, piled high cheeseburger from Five Guys.

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