Friday, June 29, 2007

The Beginning

Well. I've decided to start a blog. It seems to be the new thing these days and since there is much going on in my life I figured it was only fitting....

Today I'm sitting at work staring at the computer wondering when the work load is going to hit. We are rapidly approaching the political season and no one really knows when the dollars will start flying. We are busy pitching business and gathering information.

In the spare time that I have here at my computer I decided to start and update everyone on my status. I recently got engaged to the love of my life, Patrick Milhoan. It was a wonderful proposal. I was back in Parkersburg visiting before Patrick shipped off with the navy. I really had no idea. It was the first weekend in April. We had just finished an evening of board games with my family and it had been snowing for a few hours. His mother had asked us to stop by the store to pick up a few things for the big meal we were having the following day. Pat went out to the car and I followed. I had been extremely thirsty and grabbed a can of pop on my way out the door. As I approached the car Patrick stopped me, took my keys and the pop and set them on the trunk of the car. He was smiling and he hugged me.

All I could think of was, "man, I'm soooo thirsty. Can I just get a drink of my pop?"

He was looking at me, smiling so wide. He started laughing hysterically. You know that nervous laugh that almost makes you want to cry. He just kept laughing, hugging me and laughing. The laughter was contageous and I too began to laugh; for what reason I was laughing I had no idea. Mind you it has been snowing this entire time. My shoulders were beginning to dappen because of all the snow.

Finally I spoke, "Can we get in the car?" (really I was concerned that my pop was just sitting there and I was truly thirsty.)

At that point Patrick got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I immediately burst into hysterical tears. I don't think I even muttered, "yes!" until he asked me again. So there we were: me with my ugly cry, Patrick kneeling in 3 inches of snow, and me with a beautiful diamond ring on my finger. You can guess that I forgot all about how thirsty I was!

So, there it is. I'm engaged!


Jessie said...

Yea for engagement stories! :)
And - yea for more blogs to read and comment on! :) It's pretty fun - I think you'll like it. Cool to keep up with what you are doing.

Amber Renee said...

I love that story! :) And I love you two!