Monday, November 10, 2008

president elect

I know this a little late, but I spent the week in DC and hadn't had a chance to celebrate the amazing victory the election afforded us on November 4, 2008. In a fantastic show of progression, Americans voted Barack Obama the first African American president in the countries history. I'm not just excited for the change that has been promised to us, but to be part of such a monumental part of history is amazing.

I can tell my children that I woke up to stand in line for 2 hours before the sun was out to cast my ballot for Obama. I can detail the excitement that seemed palatable in DC after Obama was announced President Elect. The city was a buzz. Unfortunately Amber and I were too tired to make it into the masses, but we still felt part of the craziness. We heard cheering and hollering until the wee hours of the morning. DC elected Obama with a staggering 98% of the vote. So you can only imagine the streets filled with people of all colors celebrating together. As tired as I was, the cheers and celebration that kept me up all night weren't aggravating but comforting. You could feel it, that the right choice had been made.

Like President Elect Obama said, the change won't happen overnight and we have a long road ahead of us, but for my husbands sake and the countries I hope he tries. I couldn't be prouder of what our country has accomplished and I can't be any prouder to say...


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