Friday, November 21, 2008

bite-size pepperoni rolls

one thing that pat has been asking for me to send is pepperoni rolls. now, if you aren't from west virginia, you've never had a pepperoni roll. you may think you've had one, but my guess is what you've had is more like stromboli-with cheese and/or sauce- than what a real pepperoni roll is.

at it's simplest, a pepperoni roll is delicious home made bread wrapped a round a large piece of pepperoni. that's it!

i make my bread from scratch. i use a family potato bread recipe and buy large sticks of pepperoni that i chop up. for this batch i wanted to make bite-size pieces to ship. i'm not sure how they will hold up on the long trip overseas and through the heat, but it's worth a shot.

i found a big jar filled with a party mix that i dumped out that i could fill with the bite size pieces. it actually worked out perfect, one batch filled up the entire jar. i was so proud for picking the right size container!


Raquel said...

Hey emily! My name is Raquel and I´m from Brazil. I did live in WV so I did have a real pepperoni roll :)
Unfortunately it´s been about 6 years since that happened and, since then, i´ve been trying to get online a recipe that works as good as the ones i used to have in school (really, i dont know where TCHS used to buy it from, but, god, they were the best! and i used to dip then in ranch dressing... awesome!), and your post kinda gave me hope. I couldnt find your recipe, if you ever posted it, so, would you mind doing it? or at least sending it to me by email??? i´d really appreciate! Thanks a lot!

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