Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis

Last weekend I had plans to travel and seem my sister Nancy over her birthday. I had a flight out of Norfolk Friday evening. Things were complicated when Tropical Storm Hanna decided to make a visit to the Virginia Beach area. I ended up spending my entire night in airports as I was rerouted and switched to get to Buffalo. Eventually I made it to the great state of NY, but not until midnight.

I had the chance to see Nancy's lovely decorated apartment and have a fantastic meal at the Buffalo Chop House. Nancy also ordered a beautiful birthday cake from a little bakery near her school, The Dessert Deli. The bakery was definitely a dream for me. It was around breakfast when we picked up her cake and I purchased a lemon buttercream cupcake for breakfast....delicious!

Nancy had called me when she first designed her birthday cake with the bakery. She wouldn't tell me much about the cake just the flavor: two layers or white cake with a layer of chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry ganache and buttercream icing. I know, your mouth is watering. She said when we saw what the cake was our response would be, "AWWW, Nancy!" because it would be so her. Well, that's exactly my response. Here's the cake:
Of course! A Tiffany's box. It was perfect and delicious and the outside was buttercream, not fondant and it was so smooth!

We had a great weekend, I just wish I had more time to spend up there with her. I had to leave on Sunday so it was a short weekend. My grandparents also travelled up with my parents to surprise Nancy for her birthday. She was so happy to have them there and show off her apartment and her town.

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Jessie said...

Awww...Happy Birthday Nancy! What a great sister you are :) What a bad friend I am...I don't remember her birthday. :(