Saturday, January 03, 2009

Long Time Gone

so it's been a terribly long time since i last posted. i supposed i got very wrapped up in the holidays and christmas shopping. it's all over now and i'm ready to get on with the year. patrick come's home in less than 100 days and i'm completely excited!

i spent a good time at home in parkersburg, wv for the christmas holiday and spent new years eve with my cousin and friends in washington d.c. i'm happy to be back at home and now recovering from a cold caused by all the travelling i've done in the past weeks.

i'm still looking for a new job since my job in d.c. ended jan. 1. luckily i have an interview on tuesday so let's hope it works out!

i plan on posting some of my favorite gifts that i got this christmas. most of the best revolve around cupcake things, which isn't surprising :)

first i received this amazing cupcake paintings/art from my sister. i was so surprised and they are so perfect! I can't wait to hang them on my wall:

I got these great cupcake stands and cupcake christmas ornaments from my mother-in-law. aren't they adorable?! i got more cupcake stands that i'll post later:

these great cupcake stands were given to me by my mother and my aunt. i saw them when i was in savannah and i love them. perfectly cute and the prefect size to showcase mini creations. they came from back in the day bakery they are handmade and i'm not sure from where but the name lisa is etched on the bottom. thank you, lisa.
my sister also purchased me this great non-edible cupcake from and etsy store she found, mosaic cottage she makes wonderful fake cupcakes out of broken parents also got me a great 50ml lens for my camera so i can take wonderful shots of my cupcakes and make my blog prettier.

those are just a few of my favorite gifts. it was a wonderful christmas and a happy holiday. i hope you all had a wonderful time and spend lots of time with your loved ones.

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