Friday, January 16, 2009


So I'm trying to eat healthy and work out because Pat is coming home soon. He's lost over 25 lbs. since he's been gone and I need lose weight that I've gained! So I'm doing really well. I'm not dieting, just making healthy choices and working out.

I haven't posted about my baking in awhile because, truth be told, I haven't baked. I didn't want to have the sweets around while I'm trying to eat healthy. I wanted to send something sweet and delicious to Pat in his "I Love you Valentine's Day" package. So I found this recipe on Bakerella's website for Betty Crocker's chocolate chip cookie dough brownies. I wish I could show you pictures of how delicious mine turned out but my camera battery was dead and I was already in the thick of the cooking when I realized it. So this picture is what they should look like, and is from Bakerella.
Here's the link for the recipe from Betty Crocker: Chocoplate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

So I made these tempting brownies and the apartment smelled wonderfully of chocolatey goodness. I had to break down and sample a little sweetness and they are delicious! They are so simple to make and use pre-packaged brownie and cookie mix. There should be no excuse why you can't make these goodies; well, unless you're trying to lose weight!


Jessie said...

Yeah, I just found these on Bakerella and have told a few people about it. Gonna being trying this one!!
I hope you are doing well :)

Jessie said...

PS - did Nancy paint the cupcakes? The artwork is very cool.

Emily Milhoan said...

Nancy did paint the cupcakes! I love them so much and they are on my wall in my family. Best Christmas gift I got!