Monday, March 16, 2009

Bort Cookies

We have had a constant downpour of rain since last weekend. It makes it difficult to run errands or stay motivated when its so wet outside. I don't let it dampen my spirits. I just bake :)

You may be wondering what Bort Cookies are. Trust me, it's a super long story as to why they are called Bort Cookies. It involves my cousin, my aunt, and the Simpson's. Instead of describe how the cookies got their name I'll just tell you that they are chocolate chip cookies.They are a famous family cookie. The trick is, only one person can make them properly, Bort (aka my Aunt JoAnn).

The lore of this cookie holds much fascination to our family since every time we make these cookies no two batches are the same and no batch tastes like Bort's. I have even had her on the phone before describing in great detail which steps she takes and how long she stirs.

We have just come to the conclusion that we are always missing an ingredient:

Bort's magical touch.

None of my batches taste bad, they just don't taste the same. She has some magical combination of the right water, the right oven, the right cookie tray, etc. I will not stop trying, and I'll continue to enjoy all the mistakes :)

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