Saturday, March 07, 2009

Magazine Art

I have been so inspired by others craftiness. Some days I think of myself as crafty. But when I look at how creative others can be I feel like I'm behind.

I was recently inspired by another and decided to do something with the massive pile of old magazine's and catalogs that seem to have taken over my bathroom. They just sort of get tossed into the basket until one day, that basket is too heavy to move.

I just hate throwing them away. Some I keep forever.

So I decided to recycle them. This is what I've done so far. I used some craft punches to punch out colorful flowers. I will be assembling them into something fantastic. But that's still in the works. For now, here's the wonderful colors I was able to extrapolate from my collection.


Jessie said...

This is so pretty!! What a great idea!
btw - I haven't mailed your gift yet. Don't get too excited, but I thought of you and had to pick it up.
Pat comes home soon -right?!
I've been creating cupcake pics in my mind for some bead and spoon pendants. I'll let you know when I get those made. I've been thinking of them for a while :)

Kelly said...

what a great idea! my roommates and i should look into something crafty like you. can't wait to see the final creation!