Thursday, April 30, 2009

Much Anticipation

I've been away for awhile. I've been distracted and preoccupied and I'm finally back. After much anticipation my husband returned from overseas the end of March. I couldn't be happier or more fulfilled than I am today. It's an amazing feeling to have your best friend back home.

It's been strange for us. Having never lived together and being separated for a majority of our first year of marriage we certainly have some adjusting to do. The most adjustment has been a amicable temperature for our apartment, and remembering not to pick up his things and put them where "I think" they belong so he can't find them. We're figuring things out quite well.

We took a much needed vacation and have had a lot of time to catch up. I'm still searching for a job and we are now looking for a new place to move into in the next couple of months. So we've been busy.

But now I'm back. I have a stock of good things baked to share with you......

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