Monday, October 15, 2007

Life Soundtrack

I have posted before about bands that I like and music that I listen to. I can't express enough how I feel like I'm on a constant search for music.

I love music.

I feel like music is a soundtrack to everything you do. I need music to listen to all the time. If it wasn't so rude, and people wouldn't think I had a problem, I'd have headphones all the time blasting my favorite melodies as my own personal soundtrack.

Ok, so I download music probably more than I brush my teeth (for the record I brush at least twice a day!). I just want to alert you of some of my favorite bands, artisits, and tunes so if you life soundtrack is lacking you can steal from my soundtrack.

Page France
A friend of mine just passed me a long PF's "Hello, Dear Wind" to download. The song, Junkyard, will please you, I'm sure. The song motivates me to finish whatever project it is that I'm working on, not sure why. Page France is an indie folk-pop music band thats songs are simple, yet very melodic and emotional. Often referred to as a Christian band, the songs have many religious undertones.

Ray LaMontagne
Probably one of my most favorite artists. I would reccomend every single one of his songs. I think he is a perfect Life soundtrack candidate. His songs make me think of flowerful parks and sunny days. Every time I'm in the car on a beautiful fall day, such as today, I hear his music in my head. Perfect for long walks and calming drives, his music is colorful. If you haven't listened, please check out "Hold You in My Arms," from the album Trouble as well as "Can I Stay," from Until the Sun Turns Black. You'll be hard pressed to find a bad song on either album.

The New Pornographers
I know, you are turned off by the name. If you dismiss this band for that reason it would be a grave mistake. Their most recent album, Challengers boasts some amazing talent as well as some note-worthy songs. "My Rights Versus Yours," and "Challengers," are both meloncholy and thought provoking. I find myself craving the latter tune when I'm just walking around the city.

If you haven't heard of Feist, you may live under a rock. Her songs have recently been featured in a number of cell phone commericals and her song, "1234," plays all over MTV. Although I don't like many of the songs or groups that play on television, Feist was great fromt he beginning and will remain great no matter how many times her songs are exploited to sell mainstream media gadgets. Her most recent album, The Reminder, will break you heart in a good way. I love her. Her voice is clear yet sultry. Her albums have folk influences with undertones of pop and electronica. The beats often make you want to dance, or at the very least, tap you toes. Listen to "So Sorry," and "My Moon Man." Her song "1234," while grossly overplayed, makes you smile without you even knowing it.

Carla Bruni
Carla, arguably the most famous model in France, has also been linked to such celebrities as Eric Clapton, has recently released an English version of her french album, No Promises. While her raspy voice sounds just as tempting in English, I reccomend you listen to the french album, Quelqu'un m'a dit. Her songs are sung softly and are very thoughtful. Look up the song, "Le plus beau du quartier," by listening to it in French you forget to pay attention to words and you are forced the recognize the song for its beauty as opposed to composition.

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