Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Long Distance is Difficult

As you can tell my the bright ticker on my page, we are counting down the days until Pat comes home and until the eventual wedding. Everyone keeps telling me that the time is going to go by quickly, but it really doesn't.

We have roughly 145 days until he is back in the states. Although that's just a few's dragging on like an eternity! There is a lot going on in my world too. The wedding plans are picking up and so is my job. Pat isn't here for any of it and that's difficult. I just don't like him feeling so left out of everything that's going on.

When I have a bad day or something goes wrong, it would just be so nice to come home and have him there to make me feel better. It would be great just to head to lunch together and forget about everything else. I miss him more than I let on. I keep trying to look at this as a learning experience. I know that God has a plan for both of us and that this seperationg will teach us something in the end. However, its hard to keep reminding yourself of that daily. It's really hard not to feel angry sometimes at the cards that have been dealt in your hand.

I try every morning to thank God for what we have been given. We have each other, Patrick is safe, we get to talk every day, and he will be coming home soon. All of these things are blessings and I need to continue to focus on the good things God has given us and then the hard things just don't matter anymore.

I'm reminded every day of what an amazing person Pat is and how lucky I am that we found each other. In our phone conversations we constantly remind each other all the things we miss and love about each other. It's like a personal love pep talk every day :) So if you think about it, the saying (cheesy as it may be) is true: Distance makes the heart grow fonder (and more loving too).

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